From 08-10.07.2022 the city of Marburg again celebrated its annual festival “3 days Marburg”. Altenhilfe St. Elisabeth gGmbH used this event to say thank you. THANK YOU to all the hardworking helping hands who look after the locations of our test centers and show the greatest commitment every day in these difficult times. The management invited enthusiasts and interested parties to spend a summer sports day together in racing fever under full throttle. Under the name “Nosehunter”, our “boys and girls” of the test team showed just as much commitment in the fully occupied dragon boat as they did in full protective gear at the workplace. At the dragon boat race of the city festival, the “masters of strong arms and synchronized paddling” are crowned every year. With CEO Oliver Pappert on board and 19 highly motivated team members, the final launch was probably more of a rocket than a boat. Because the team got under cheering shouts and cheers of the colleagues at the shore edge PLACE 1 and thus the day victory for the Saturday.

An insane day full of fun, best times and TEAM SPIRIT!

Thank you for your commitment in the boat – but especially for that of the last months, in which you partly day and night for the Altenhilfe St. Elisabeth gGmbH Covid tests for the population and thus make a huge contribution to the fight against the pandemic! This thanks goes equally to all those test assistants who were not in the boat, but who are in no way inferior to their colleagues in terms of commitment! Best team!

Your Altenhilfe St.Elisabeth gGmbH