Sometimes summer shows up early and long, and is asked to stay a little longer in early autumn. This is what happened on Friday, 16.09.2022, in Romrod. Here was held the summer festival of the cottage communities Schlossblick. Despite the cooler temperatures, our residents celebrated the summer with their relatives and our team. And who knows, maybe he’ll be flattered and return for another brief visit. Reason enough was probably supplied to him. Because good humor is contagious. On this festive day, there was a special performance by some residents who danced the Snow Waltz with a rollator. Inspired by the applause of the guests, there was even an encore. The afternoon was accompanied by the solo entertainer Martin Ganser, who provided party atmosphere and singing. With the smell of grilled delicacies in the nose, there was a lot of laughter, great conversations took place and the music invited to sway.