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Weather and surroundings

In the immediate vicinity of our house there are the swimming pool, the elementary school, the kindergarten and the evangelic collegiate church of the town. The municipality of Wetter with its approximately 9,200 inhabitants has a well-developed, small-town infrastructure. By car or train you can reach the city center of Marburg an der Lahn in about 15 minutes.


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You want to know about the prices?

You want to know about the prices?


The content of the care and support of our residents is based on the criteria developed by the Hessian Working Group “House Communities”. These can be summarized as follows:

House communities are characterized by manageable units in the form of small living groups in a domestic milieu. They are more reminiscent of an apartment than a care facility due to a clear apartment floor plan with small hallways, a living/dining room with an integrated kitchen and the cozy rooms. In these spatially small references lies a high potential for encounters and lively relationships. The furnishings of these house communities are characterized by furnishings from the lives and memories of the residents. Their rooms can be furnished individually and lovingly by relatives.

Decisive for the content concept is the central living/dining room with openly connected kitchen. Everyday life takes place predominantly in this large living space. Due to the open concept, especially towards the kitchen, it can be experienced with all senses, it can be co-determined and co-designed in a way that promotes competence and maintains mobility.

Food is provided by our canteen kitchen, with some components being prepared together with the residents on a daily basis. The elderly have the opportunity to participate here, according to their state of health and their abilities and interests. Alternatively, these familiar routines of a “family household” can simply be witnessed. Since we try to mobilize all of our residents, this offer is also valid for those who are in need of care and who are sitting in a wheelchair.

The structure of care and the limited size of each house community allows a high level of responsiveness to individual wishes and habits. This takes into account a continuing justified right to self-determination in old age and the associated high quality of life, even in “institutional” structures.

Our residents are accompanied by employees who see themselves as everyday companions and provide the necessary assistance. Their tasks include basic care as well as domestic tasks and psychosocial care. The employees are qualified and trained for this purpose by means of intensive further training. A sufficient number of employees with specialist nursing qualifications ensures high-quality care.

Elderly people with a care requirement of care levels 2 to 5 are admitted to these house communities. In principle, our residents can remain in the house communities until the end of their lives.

Our rooms

The residents’ own room serves as a place of retreat in the house community concept. It is very important to us that our residents have a private space for themselves. Here we attach great importance to privacy.

The rooms in our facility in Wetter have a size of approx. 18.00 to 22.00 m². They are furnished with nursing bed, closet, nursing night table, table, armchair or chair. The living room includes a bathroom and toilet, a hallway, telephone connection, home emergency call system and a reading lamp.

Of course, we offer you the possibility to furnish your room with your own furniture and personal belongings as you wish. We are happy to support you in this.

The only furniture that cannot be brought is a bed and a bedside table. Both are components of important nursing therapeutic aids in the case of bedside care. They are replaced by a nursing bed and a specially designed bedside table.

The keeping of non-disturbing small animals is generally possible, exceptions may result from the special living situation. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding animal husbandry.



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House community at the Wetschaft

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