In our facilities, you will be offered the assistance required in your situation for guidance, supervision and support in the partial or complete assumption of the activities of daily living.

The overriding goal in our facility is that the greatest possible independence of the residents is maintained or restored. Another goal of nursing care is to prevent the need for care from worsening.

Your personal needs and habits will of course be respected. The protection of their privacy and intimacy is protected and respected by us.

Care services
  • Aids for personal hygiene
  • Support with the
  • Nutrition and mobility
  • Prophylactic measures
  • Incontinence care

The services of general nursing care are provided in accordance with the recognized state of scientific nursing knowledge. We are guided by Beikirch’s nursing model within the framework of structured information collection (SIS) and subject ourselves to a structured quality management system.

Services of medical treatment care

We provide medical treatment care services within the scope of the physician’s orders, insofar as they can be and are delegated by the attending physician. These services are the responsibility of the physician and are provided in accordance with the physician’s orders.

The supply of necessary medicines is provided by local pharmacies, with free choice of pharmacies. At your request, we will take care of the ordering, management and storage of medications. We offer blistered medications with our collaborative pharmacy.

The free choice of doctor is guaranteed. However, we will be happy to assist you in arranging medical assistance upon request.

Treatment care services
  • Administer medications and injections
  • Place infusions
  • Apply and change wound dressings
  • Bladder catheter care

The scope and content of care is determined by the respective assignment to your current level of care.

In the event of changes in care needs, we adjust our services to your changed needs and current care level. If a change in care needs leads to a different care level for you, we will inform your care insurance company with your consent. The nursing care insurance fund decides on the degree of need for nursing care in accordance with the recommendation of the medical service of the health insurance funds (MDK).

Social care services

With the services of social care in our facilities, we support you both in your personal lifestyle and in shaping your living and residential environment according to your personal ideas and needs, as well as in your participation in social and cultural life. We support you in your communication and provide for meeting and exchange with other people.

Our social support staff will provide you with the information and assistance you need to design your living space and find your way around your new home. They are also available to you, your relatives or other trusted persons for one-on-one conversations and counseling. The contents of the consultation are subject to confidentiality.

We take into account your cultural and religious values. We will help you find a chaplain or other trusted person in your religious community. You are welcome to attend the regular devotions or church services at the facility. We will be happy to support you if you need guidance along the way.

We provide assistance and accompaniment in your life until the end.

They are supported by volunteers from the community. We cooperate with volunteers from the surrounding area and the Marburg Volunteer Agency.

We offer special offers for individual day organization and cultural events. As a rule, no separate fee is charged for the offers. Special events can be attended for a fee. The fees will be announced when the event is announced and will be agreed upon beforehand with the advisory board of the house.

Services housekeeping

The following services are provided by the housekeeping staff:

  • Space maintenance of public spaces
  • Individual room care of the residents:inside rooms
  • Marking the residents:inside laundry
  • Laundry supply (except flat linen)
  • Towels and bed linen are provided free of charge

You will have to organize the following services yourself:

  • The preparation of laundry items in a dry cleaning shop

Your meals are prepared according to nutritional science findings, taking into account your wishes and needs as far as possible, and are also served if you wish or if it is necessary.

In case of disability and illness, special consideration is given to your individual needs and your abilities and habits are taken into account.

We offer the following meals included in the fee at regular times:

  • Breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner, snacks.
  • If necessary, light whole foods or diets are prepared for you according to a doctor’s prescription.
  • The menu is regularly discussed with the home’s advisory board.
  • Drinks, especially tea, coffee and mineral water, as well as another drink, are always available free of charge.

Other services

Therapeutic services

In order to prevent and reduce the need for care, medical rehabilitation measures may be prescribed by the attending physician. This includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services. We will work with your attending physician(s) in care planning to look for opportunities for rehabilitation and will work with the attending physician(s) and therapist(s) to ensure the success of rehabilitation.

Therapeutic services of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy are provided in your room or in the rooms on our premises by approved external therapists according to a doctor’s prescription. Of course, you can also hire a therapist of your choice.

Management services

The employees of the administration are obliged to give you or your relatives confidential advice in questions of cost accounting and in dealing with health insurances and authorities. Her duties also include receiving visitors, referring them to the appropriate contact person, and answering and forwarding your telephone calls and inquiries.

We can also assist you with the use and management of your cash. Each issue is then documented, the intended use is checked centrally and can be proven to you or the person appointed by you at any time.